Guinness Food World Records That Will Satisfy Even The Hungriest People

Guinness World Records can be set in just about any category imaginable. One of the most fascinating categories that you can make your name in is food. Whether it’s the size of the meal or speed of eating, the records that have been set in Guinness food lore are as astonishing as they are satisfying. So how big is the world’s largest hot dog? What are the most hamburgers eaten in three minutes? These are the craziest Guinness food records!

A 60 Layer Sammie

It might not be the easiest sandwich to eat, but this 60-layer sandwich, crafted by Di Lusso Deli Company in 2016 is the biggest. In order to earn the crown of “most stacked sandwich ever” the creation needed to stand without support for 60 seconds.

the most layers ever in a sandwich
Guinness World Records/YouTube
Guinness World Records/YouTube

The man behind the layers was Dr. Irwin Adam, a creative food scientist who likes to re-imagine how we interact with our food. The previous record was 40 layers and was set by Sugardale Foods in Cleveland, Ohio.