Genius Dog Owner Hacks To Prepare Your Pups For Winter

As pet owners prepare for winter, their dogs need to prepare as well. Just because they’re dogs doesn’t mean that they can handle any weather. But at the same time, keeping your pets warm can be easy and even fun.

Some winter hacks can save you money, such as repurposing old shirts. Others keep your house clean (muddy paws, anyone?) and keep your dog active indoors. If you’re a dog owner, you need these hacks for winter.

Create A Dog First Aid Kit

Since cold weather can cause discomfort or fros bite, it’s best to keep a dog first aid kit on hand. Integrative veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne recommends keeping a blanket and thermometer on hand if your dog appears shaky, hunched, or uncomfortable.

A Golden Retriever holds First-Aid-Kit.
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The Ontario Humane Society advises dog owners to watch for lethargy, weakness, and shallow breathing. These are signs of hypothermia. Keep blankets, hairdryers, or heaters on hand to warm your dog up if they appear too cold.