The World’s Healthiest Dog Breeds- Is Your Dog On The List?

Deciding to get a dog is a bittersweet choice since we know the joy they bring will not last forever. Dog-lovers wish for their beloved companions to live long, healthy lives. For some breeds, the odds are in greater favor than for others.

For instance, Poodles and Shih Tzus both have life expectancies up to 18 years, which is double that of some breeds. Other dogs, like Dachshunds, need owners who are aware of their strict dietary or exercise needs to ensure their longevity. Read on to discover which dogs are among the healthiest and why.

Poodles Are Typically Low-Risk For Diseases

Regardless of if its a standard poodle or a toy, the American Kennel Club (AKC) reports that this breed can live up to 18 years. All three of their breed sizes have the same lean build and are proportionately comparable; they have the muscular build of a ballerina, and an athletic mindset to match.

Unsplash/Afra Ramio
Unsplash/Afra Ramio

The breed is generally very healthy and tends to live a long and prosperous life. They do have a low risk for some diseases and eye disorders, so its recommended to put them through a hip, patella, and ophthalmologist evaluation as a precaution.