Hearts Of Gold: These Celebs Did The Coolest Things For Their Fans

Fame is a funny thing. On the one hand, celebrities are gifted with out-of-this-world lifestyles and experiences. On the other, it came at a price of their own privacy and freedom. These celebrities use their fame as a tool for good. Even better than that, they bring their die-hard fans along for the ride. These celebrities have done amazing things for some of their lucky fans! One musical icon even helped a fan have a baby… you’ll find out how in a few pages.

Taylor’s Bad Blood Gift

Taylor Swift has long had a reputation of constantly being generous with fans, but one story was particularly touching. When 11-year-old fan Naomi Oakes was diagnosed with leukemia, Taylor proved that she truly does care about her fans. A GoFundMe was started to help alleviate some of the family’s medical treatment as Naomi was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of leukemia. Unfortunately, this meant that she would have to miss Taylor’s concert which she had been waiting for since Christmas. Despite the disappointing news about not being able to attend the concert, Naomi still used Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” as her anthem while going through treatment, even creating a YouTube video entitled “Naomi’s Bad Blood”. In this instance, luck was on Naomi’s side because what happened next was truly magical!

Taylor Makes Dreams Come True

As Taylor Swift is often known to do, she was browsing the Internet and messages from her fans when she spotted Naomi’s video. Taylor then made a very generous donation in the amount of $50,000 to Naomi’s GoFundMe. She wrote a note that read, “To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family”. Naomi was later able to fulfill her dream of meeting Taylor and seeing her in concert. Naomi also got a special meet-and-greet backstage and Taylor said that “it made her day”. Something tells us that it also made Naomi’s.

Chrissy Pays For Fan’s School

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is also known to reach out to fans and has even helped some monetarily. For instance, a young woman named Mercedes Edney from North Carolina started a GoFundMe in order to pay her way through aesthetician school. Apparently, someone famous was watching and decided to step in and help out. Originally, Mercedes thought the donation was a mistake. She tweeted, “I was at work, and I heard my PayPal alert go off. I saw the amount and said ‘what the hell? what’s wrong with PayPal?’ I thought it was a glitch.” It turns out Chrissy was watching and donated the remaining amount that Mercedes needed to finish her school. She also left a message that read, “I’ve seen this be your passion for such a long time now. So excited to see you fulfill your dream!”

Thor’s Good Deed Exchange

Seventeen-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Barker had the unusual encounter of finding the wallet of Thor himself. Tristin was at an airport when he came across actor Chris Hemsworth’s wallet. He then worked to return the wallet to the Avengers star. Chris was totally taken aback by the good deed as he thought it would certainly be stolen. He invited the Tristin on during his appearance on Ellen. Chris then gave Tristin a wad of cash and Ellen, as per usual, sweetened the deal with a $10,000 scholarship to college from Shutterfly. The honest young man also happened to be working towards the rank of Eagle Scout and Chris Hemsworth personally penned him a recommendation letter.

Zac’s iPhone Generosity

When Zac Efron and crew were on set filming the Baywatch movie, many fans flocked to the area in hopes that they would catch a glimpse of the movie’s stars. One day, a young man named Ahmed lucked out and saw Zack. As he and his friends ran to catch up with the star, Ahmed had the misfortune of dropping and shattering his iPhone. Luckily for him, Zac is a super nice guy who bought him a brand-new phone. Zac later noted on social media that fans might want to try to be a little more careful with their phones!

Simon Cowell’s Compassionate Care

In quite a tear-jerking story, Simon Cowell came to the aid of a little boy suffering through a horrible battle of cancer. Kian Musgrove, three, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. His family sought to raise money in order to travel to the United States for Kian to have a chance to undergo treatment. Simon came to visit the little boy while he was in the hospital and donated $35,000 towards the cause. Additionally, Simon purchased and organized all the travel arrangements including flights and the hotel stay for Kian’s family. Kian’s mother Kat said of Simon’s gift, “His generosity is absolutely amazing, it is so heartwarming. We will be forever grateful for his help and his part in our life-saving journey.”

George Michael’s Generous Heart

After singer George Michael passed away in 2017, many people came out of the woodwork to tell stories about how generous he had been throughout his life. One woman, in particular, was given one of the most extraordinary gifts before George passed away. Apparently, George Michael was once watching the TV program Deal Or No Deal back in 2008, when he saw a woman named Lynette Gillard who discussed her struggle to conceive a child. She hoped that she would be able to pay for IVF treatments with the winnings. George anonymously donated the money she needed in order to pay for the treatments.

A Meaningful Namesake

Years later and after enduring nine rounds of IVF, Lynette finally conceived with the aid of George’s generous gift. Miraculously, Lynette says that she found out she was pregnant the same day that George died. When her baby son was born, nine months’ after George’s death, she gave him the name Seth Logan George Hart, whose middle name was chosen for the acclaimed singer. Lynette said, “I hope he’s looking down smiling, knowing I have what I’ve always longed for.” Undoubtedly, kind-hearted George would be absolutely thrilled to know that he made such a difference in another person’s life.

Mila’s Marine Promise

In 2011, Mila made headlines for another reason (other than being a movie star). A Marine made a YouTube video asking if she would be his date to the Marine Corps Ball, and Mila graciously accepted! Sgt. Scott More, who was probably the envy of all his fellow Marines, escorted Mila to the ball. According to Scott, “It was a blast, it was a great time.” He also added, “It exceeded my expectations.” Reportedly, the two even shared a dance to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack song “Time of My Life”. Could there be a more fitting song for such a fun moment?

Lady Gaga Stops Mid-Concert

In November of 2017, Lady Gaga was in the middle of a sold-out performance when she noticed that a fan was in need of assistance in the audience. After she threw a rose into the crowd, a scuffle broke out and a girl was hit in the face, causing her to become injured. Gaga noticed the injured girl and completely stopped the concert while she called for paramedics to come assist her. She also spoke directly to the poor injured fan, saying, “Meredith, I’m so sorry that you got hit in the face and that you’re bleeding.” Gaga continued, “We’re going to make sure that you’re OK, alright?” After Meredith was taken away to see the paramedics, Gaga instructed the rest of the crowd, “What we all need to remember is that there are things more important than show business.” She also added in what extra order that was sure to make the night of her injured fan, “Make sure to give that girl a backstage pass, too.”

Team Miley Forever

In January of 2018, former Voice contestant Janice Freeman revealed that her former coach really went above and beyond to assist her and her family. Janice took to Instagram and told fans about how Miley helped them when they needed it most: finding housing and even paying their security deposit and six months’ rent! Janice said, “Miley, you are my dawg, like my best friend, and I will defend you to the bitter end.” Miley is often cited for her kind heart. She has a menagerie of adopted animals and also started The Happy Hippy Foundation to help homeless youth.

Just Like Mom

Prince Harry has definitely followed in the footsteps of his altruistic mother, Princess Diana. The prince recently visited Ollie and Amelia Carroll, siblings who both have Batten disease. The degenerative disorder is very rare and is also genetic. Ultimately, sufferers are eventually unable to walk, see, or even breathe. Most do not live past the young age of twelve. In this touching photo, Harry is seen cradling Ollie with such extreme passion, it’s easy to tell he is sincere. Until very recently, for the royals to be so hands-on is almost unheard of, however, Princess Diana was the one to break the barrier of royals touching commoners. The prince has also met with the family before and was moved to come back and see how the kids were doing. Their mom wrote on Facebook, “For an hour Prince Harry sat with us talking and playing with our children, laughing and making memories. The very thing our children want the most in life, to be happy and having fun.”

Stranger Things Have Happened

Stranger Things actor David Harbour made a fan’s senior year super memorable. In October 2017, student Damaris Fregoso reached out to David on Twitter asking how many retweets she would need to get him to take her senior photos with her. Much to her surprise, David responded with “25k” and he also had a stipulation of his own: that he be able to wear the school sweatshirt while holding a trombone. After ST co-star Noah Schnapp (who plays Will) re-tweeted to his fans, the original Tweet took off and quickly met David’s 25k demand. David then got in touch with Damaris and the two shot the funny photos at Netflix’s headquarters. David later commented to the Insider, “The idea of me in a small size sweatshirt of some high school, holding a trombone with this poor girl trying to take her high school photos seriously, I just thought that was so funny.” We thought so, too!

It Runs In The Family

Not to be outdone by his little brother, Prince William is also known to get hands-on when it comes to meeting with kids. He recently visited Daisy Wood at the children’s Oak Center cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Sutton Hospital. Reportedly, Daisy was watching a princess movie and told William he was “too old for her to marry”. We bet that definitely got a laugh out of the future king. Interestingly, in addition to being a royal, the prince also had a career as an air ambulance pilot which provides life flights for people who need them.

Amy’s Amazing Tip

Comedian Amy Schumer has been described in many fan encounters as being super generous. Amy visited the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” with her boyfriend and some friends. While there, they visited the bar, and reportedly left a tip of a whopping $1,000! An employee spoke to E! News and said, “Our house manager gave us her order before the show and we filled it. Then at intermission, a member of her party came to the bar with another order and when he handed the receipt to my co-worker, he said ‘Amy wants to make sure you get this.’ My co-worker looked at it and didn’t know what to say.” Obviously, the tip was the hit of the night and all the waitstaff couldn’t help but rave about Amy’s kindness. The anonymous employee continued, “We’ve served a lot of celebrities at Hamilton and we’ve received some nice tips but never before had I seen a tip that even came close to this one.”

Katy’s Inspirational Meeting


In September of 2016, a horrific tragedy took place in Orlando, Florida when a gunman opened fire at a Pulse nightclub in Florida. Forty-nine people were killed with an additional fifty-eight injured, many of whom were members of the LGBTQ community. One man named Tony Marrero survived the devastating night after being shot four times. He later appeared on Ellen, who surprised him with a meeting with his hero Katy Perry. Tony said he listened to Katy’s song “Rise” which helped him throughout his recovery. When Katy came out to meet Tony she was clearly moved and could barely contain her tears. Katy told him, “I heard that you’re creative just like me and you have dreams. And I heard that you want to go to film school so I personally want to pay for your first year at film school.” Of course, the entire audience was crying at this point.

Eddie Pays The Rent


Actor Eddie Redmayne definitely has a gaggle of fans following his every move. Although having fans get a little too devoted can be scary. For instance, Eddie recently had a situation with a stalker who was sentenced to a four-month suspended sentence. Yet Eddie has still not let that detour him from interacting with other fans. In an interview with GQ magazine, Eddie revealed that he sometimes helps out struggling actors. He said, “I get letters from people trying to go to drama school and needing to pay their rent.” Apparently, before making it big Eddie worked as a pub waiter, so he might know a thing or two about the struggle. He continued, “And so that’s (pay their rent) something I occasionally do. It’s impossibly expensive to live in London.”

Zach Helps Mimi

Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis has definitely earned the reputation of being a kind man. One story in particular really sets him apart from the rest. When he was first a struggling actor and comedian in LA, he met an elderly woman named Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist at the laundromat. Now eighty-seven years old, Mimi actually lived at Fox Laundry in Santa Monica for nearly twenty years. For all of that time, Mimi depended on tips from customers visiting the laundromat to wash their clothes. After Zach achieved success with the first Hangover film, he didn’t come to wash his clothes anymore but he still came back to check on Mimi. Ultimately, he found out that she became homeless. It was what happened next that really showed the kindness of his heart!

Renée Also Helps Queen Mimi

Even though Zach really plays up the strange side of his characters, it’s pretty clear that the compassionate side of his real persona is alive and well. After finding out that Mimi was out on the streets, he really stepped up to do the right thing. He found her an apartment and paid for her rent and utilities. Zach also enlisted a famous friend to get in on the helping and actress Renée Zellweger stepped in to help. Renée helped Mimi decorate the apartment and also often brings groceries, so she always has something to eat. Over the years, Zach has also brought Mimi to film premieres including the red carpet of The Hangover III. In 2015, filmmaker Yaniv Rokah even made a documentary about her life called Queen Mimi and the rest of the world fell in love with her as well.

Best Beyoncé Moment

Beyoncé is known for putting her money where her mouth is and often donates to charitable causes like Hurricane Harvey relief. However, it was a far simpler moment that really put a smile on our (and these fans’) faces! Back in 2014, a couple of girls were just having a simple ladies’ night out at karaoke bar. Of course, for a girl’s night, you must include some Beyoncé — because how can you not? Needless to say, these girls got the surprise of their lives when both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland popped their heads into the bar! The girls were in the middle of singing the song “Party” when famous duo walked in. Beyoncé and Kelly were next door and heard the song being played and decided to crash their party. They came in and hugged the fans and even shared a couple of Destiny’s Child songs together. Can a fan encounter really get any better than that?