Heartwarming Photos Of People When They Found Out They’re Cancer-Free

According to the website Chemocare, an average cycle of chemotherapy lasts four to six weeks. Most cancer patients undergo several rounds of chemo, which means that they remain sick for years. Surviving such a horrible disease deserves celebration.

Even those who haven’t experienced cancer understand the impact of learning that you’re cancer-free. Photos of former patients ringing the bell, glowing with joy, or dancing in excitement will warm anyone’s heart. Drop that heartbreaking internet news for a bit and rejoice with these brave cancer survivors.

Ringing The Famous Bell

Diana Ruiz rings the bell after learning that she's cancer-free

In hospitals, ringing the bell always signifies good news. Patients ring the bell to celebrate that they have ended their cancer treatment are beginning a life cancer-free. It’s no surprise that this is an emotional moment for several patients who have been in treatment for a long time.

In August of 2018, Edward Ruiz’s mother, Diana, left the hospital cancer-free. Understandably, she became overwhelmed with joy while ringing the bell. The happiness on her nurse’s face is heartwarming.