Here’s How The Parkland Survivors Are Still Fighting For Change

After the March for Our Lives rally left its mark on the nation, no one would have expected another mass school shooting would happen a few months later. Tragically it did, and now the Parkland survivors, along with the Santa Fe High School survivors, are doubling their efforts to bring to the nation.

These students aren’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk, sometimes all the way to Washington. Here are the ways the Parkland survivors are still advocating for change today. Stick around to see which student has a viral PSA taking the internet by storm!

David Hogg Is Skipping College To Fight For Change

david hogg.jpg

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Instead of going straight to college after graduating from high school, David Hogg is taking a gap year. He’s not taking a year off, though. Hogg says that instead of going to college right away, he is going to continue traveling the country to spread his message for gun control.

Sadly, not everyone agrees with Hogg. His house in Florida was recently “SWATted.” Someone called the police claiming Hogg’s family was being held hostage. SWAT showed up, knocked down his door ready to shoot, and found nothing. Hogg, thankfully, was following through on his word and was speaking in Washington.