Hilarious First Day Of School Photo Fails

There are two types of first-day-of-school kids: ones who stand up and smile, and the others that collapse on the floor in defeat. Let’s face it, most kids fall into the second category. After months of summer vacation, no kid really wants to take a photo right before their first day of school.

Their unbridled, honest expressions and actions make for hilarious photos. From holding up brutally honest signs to lying on the floor in defeat, kids turn cute pictures into hilarious fails.

You Get A Sign, You Get A Sign, Everybody Gets A Sign!

The youngest child may not have her first day of school lined up, but you don’t need a sign for that. Or do you? This family would have had a normal school photo, had the youngest not displayed her wrath over being left out.

Family holds
Reddit/ grux9
Reddit/ grux9

Her sign says, “If I don’t hold a sign too, I am going to scream.” The mom will make any sign to capture a sweet (and hilarious) family photo.