Hilarious Puppy Fails That Will Leave You Howling For More

Animals in very compromising situations are always sort of hilarious to see. But it’s especially funny when weird predicaments happen at the expense of adorable puppies! They always look like they don’t know that they’re in a terrible situation and think that what they did is okay because we’re laughing at them.

Behold: some of the funniest puppy fails you’ve ever seen. You probably didn’t even know that puppies could get into this kind of trouble.

Puppy Love

Seriously, is there anything sweeter than a puppy? That sweet puppy breath and those adorable little puppy bellies… it’s almost too much squealy goodness to cuddle with a pup.

We Love Animals/Facebook
We Love Animals/Facebook

But as much as we love puppies, we have to admit that they have a tendency to do some really doofy things sometimes (just like we do). We find joy in all the things (the good, the bad, and the hilarious) that our dogs do every day of the year.