These Hilarious Restaurant Signs Will Make You Reconsider How Marketing Really Works

The food and beverage industry is cutthroat. Most of the time, your competition is just a step away at a different restaurant so you need to learn to stand out. Maybe it’s promoting specials, or maybe it’s coming up with an incredibly funny sign that will lure customers to your establishment.

Funny marketing has always been effective but it’s not as relevant in the restaurant industry, until now. We gathered up some of the funniest signs that have revolutionized how restaurants market their brand.

Reverse Psychology

This is typical reverse psychology that’s being used here and they’re doing a very good job at it. When someone reads this sign they’re going to want to try to the meatball sandwich for the experience. Look, basically everything can be reviewed online and it adds some intrigue.

worst meatball

There are many restaurants that survive on bad food so having one horrible YELP review about the meatball sub is probably not the worst thing in the world.