These Trucks Spilled Their Cargo And We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Big rigs carry the strangest things. The “precious” cargo contained in these behemoths is usually hidden from the public, deemed unfit for civilian eyes. When these trucks tip over, though, all bets are off.

From chocolate floods to money storms, the spilled guts of big rigs have us laughing in disbelief. We thought they only carried fruit or gasoline. Trust us, all the accidents you’re about to see would be tragic if they weren’t so funny!

Holy Mackeral, Literally!

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

That’s a whole lot of fish! This truck spilled its oceanic contents in Poland in 2012. Like its chocolate counterpart, the spill closed the freeway for hours. The smell, however, was nowhere nearly as good.

Reports from the cleanup said in some places fish piles were two feet deep. Most of the spill ended up in Gordan Flinn’s field. The North Irish farmer probably wasn’t too thrilled to have his home smell for weeks. Let’s be honest, fish doesn’t smell good, and it tends to linger.