History’s Most Famous And Beloved Horses

Since humans have been riding horses for thousands of years, it is no wonder that racehorses and war horses have made history. Many people will recognize Mister Ed or the horse from the movie Spirit. Even fictional horses, such as Black Beauty, are based on real horses. These are the most well-known horses in history; how many do you recognize?

Man O’War, One Of The World’s Greatest Racehorses

Man O’War was one of the best racehorses of all time. His career began just after World War I, and he won 20 out of 21 races. By the end of his career, he received the modern equivalent of $3.2 million.

A man rides the famous racehorse Man O'War, 1919.
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In 1920, The New York Times labeling Man O’War as an outstanding athlete alongside Babe Ruth. Several magazines have called him the greatest American racehorse of the 20th century.