If You’re Trying To Be The “Cool Parent” Please Just Don’t Do What These Ones Did Because It’s Hard To Watch

Parents have a tough job, especially when their kids start to hit puberty and start caring about their reputation. They have to maintain some strict control over their kids while also trying to allow them the freedom they want with their friends. It’s an insane tightrope to walk and, let’s be honest, most parents end up falling off the rope after the first few steps.

While some parents can perform the circus act perfectly and keep a close relationship with their kids while also being labeled “the cool parent,” others just can’t. That doesn’t mean that these moms and dads don’t give being the cool parent a shot, because they absolutely do, and we’re so thankful for their failures.

Is That Just Bottled Water?

Photo Credit: Reddit / w0lp
Photo Credit: Reddit / w0lp

A parent bought this shampoo for their kid as a way to try to get them to have better hygiene.

I have a few points on this. If it’s only a dollar, I’m beginning to think that it’s either just bottled water or toxic chemicals. Also, the branding of this missed the mark so terribly bad that I can’t even fathom the creation process.