In Pictures: These Teeny Tiny Babies Have Big Dog BFFs

It often takes some time for a dog to adjust to a new baby in the house. After all, they’re frequently used to being the baby of the family. They often don’t know what to make of this tiny human who is so darn noisy. Not to mention the new kids steal all of the attention. Luckily, they usually grow to be best pals. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a little one all snuggled up to the family pooch! Especially if that dog is bigger than them. Here are some photos of big ol’ dogs with their tiny kids.

Two Friends Hanging Out Together

Tank, named so because he was the chubbiest puppy in the litter, is pretty possessive over his little buddy, who’s also a little meatball. German Shorthaired Pointers are known for being affectionate, as we can tell with Tank’s arm wrapped casually and lovingly around the seven-month-old baby.

They are also quite hyper and need a lot of exercise, so when the baby starts running around Tank will have no problem keeping up. He’ll have the perfect playmate. For now, the two like to enjoy some mellow snuggles.