Incredible Photos Of Animals With Rare Markings

Nature is pretty awe-inspiring, especially when it comes to unique animal markings. Whether it’s a horse with beautiful and unexpected colors or a cat that has some hilariously adorable spots, we can’t get enough of animals with cool and unusual patterns. Here are several examples of really wild animal markings for your viewing pleasure. Bet you can’t get through this list without saying “awwww” at least once as you read through!

Why Do You Think I Am Cross?

This cat has taken the concept of feline facial hair to the extreme. Not only has he grown an upturned mustache that many human men would envy, but he has also got a whole load of fluffy going on in the eyebrow department, too. That frown is the perfect expression for a cat as they are often complaining about the level of care you give them.

Zura Garibovi/Pinterest
Zura Garibovi/Pinterest

Food, shelter, love, and affection must always be on your moggie’s terms, so Mr. Frowny Face here is all set to disapprove like the king of the house he knows himself to be. Just don’t tell him we think he is hilarious.