Irish Wolfhounds Are Large, In Charge, And Hilarious

Irish Wolfhounds can be wonderful pets. They are very friendly and playful and are known to chase and tackle anything (or anyone) that moves. They are sweet and sensitive but can also be quite independent. They’re also apt to be a little clumsy and destructive during the first couple years of puppyhood.

If you don’t mind a dog who takes up a lot of space in your home or car and that insists on sitting on your lap or taking over your bed, then an Irish Wolfhound is the right dog for you. Look at these silly pics of these dogs and how they act around their humans…

Love And Affection Comes In All Sizes

a dog that is taller than his owner

Okay, we must point out that the woman in the photo, Amber, is only five feet tall. However, this Irish Wolfhound named Moose is still one big boy! The photo was posted by a dog resort that provides five-star amenities for people’s furry friends. And it looks like Moose stayed there for a short time.

It’s got to be so much fun to run a dog boarding house and to play with many different-sized animals, including gigantic Irish Wolfhounds. By the smile on Amber’s face we can tell she had a lot of fun with Moose.