It took 120,000 LEGO pieces to build this amazing Titanic replica

Titanic made out of 120,000 LEGOs

The Titanic was a massive ship that cost James Cameron more than $100 million to capture on film in all of its grand scope.

With such a big ship, it only makes sense that it would take a massive amount of LEGO pieces to recreate the original product.

LEGO phenom Ryan McNaught has recreated the Titanic with a mind-boggling 120,000 LEGO pieces.

The ship took about 250 hours to complete.

LEGO Titanic scenes

Production started on December 19th 2015 and was finished on January the 12th 2016.

LEGO Sinking Titanic - the rip

The final product was ready just in time for Brickvention 2016.

LEGO Sinking Titanic - the rip 2

“This model breaks a lot of normal brick building conventions, its sheer size and of course the angle it is on, together with the slice made for a significant amount of challenges, which with a lot of planning were overcome,” McNaught wrote on his Flickr page.

Here’s a good side-by-side comparison of his creations massive size compared to an adult.

120000 LEGOS to make this Titanic replica

See more of Ryan’s work on Flickr or visit his website at