Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dog At Home

When staying at home with your dog, it can be easy to start feeling guilty if all they do is lay on the couch all day. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to pass the time with your beloved canine without even leaving home. From physical activities like partner workouts to mental ones like the muffin tin game, there are a variety of options to keep your pups happy in the house. Show them how much you care with some homemade treats and toys, or a nice doggy massage. Read on for more ways to make sure your dog has fun at home.

Play The Shell Game

The shell game is one that many of us have probably played at one time or another, but may not have known what to call it. It involves placing an item under one of three cups and then shuffling the cups around to see if the person can keep their eye on the item-containing cup.

A woman plays the shell game with her dog.
Kyra Sundance/YouTube
Kyra Sundance/YouTube

To play the game with your dog, simply place a treat under one of the cups and shuffle them around. Ask your dog to find the treat and watch as their impeccable sniffing unsolves the mystery.