How One Little Boy’s Visit To A New York Fire Station Changed Their Lives Forever

In 2016, New York City firefighters were visited by a three-year-old boy. Although firefighters talk to kids all the time, this child was different. He had a lifelong love of firefighters, a dream to enter the field, and a tragic story. Learn about the boy who not only made a fire chief cry, but also befriended the squadron throughout his life.

The FDNY Has A Big Job

Trucker-fire-chief Dukes Dukes

The New York City Fire Department, or FDNY, has over 10,000 uniformed firefighters. These firefighters respond to hundreds of thousands of incidents per year, around 25,000 fires and 225,000 non-fire emergencies. Many lives are lost trying to save others.

In 2016, the FDNY Captain was Jim Grismer. He had met and lost many fellow firefighters, and he talked to hundreds of young students every year. But nothing inspired him more than a mysterious boy from Maui.