Man Becomes An Animal Lover After Rescuing Abandoned Bunny

Sean Harrison never described himself as an animal person. Everything changed when he unexpectedly had to take care of a rabbit. Although his time with his first pet didn’t last, he received another chance at love through unusual circumstances.

Sean documented his story through Instagram, where he and his rabbit now have tens of thousands of followers. Before, he never wanted a pet, and now he can’t imagine his life after rescuing a bunny. Read his inspiring story here.

A Loss, And A Gain

Nutsy the rabbit photobombs Sean's photo.

On September 21st, 2017, King Nutsy passed away. The “little king,” as he was called, ruled over Sean Harrison’s home and heart. For years, Sean ran an Instagram account, Man and Bunny, to post adorable photos of his grey rabbit Nutsy.

Hundreds of followers mourned Nutsy’s passing, and some even sent gifts and memorial artwork to Sean. He never confirmed whether he would get another rabbit, but one month later, a special someone would unexpectedly come into Sean’s life.