This Man’s Kitty Towers Are Fancier Than My Apartment

Pet owners are always looking for new ways to pamper their furbabies. We get them the best food we can afford and they have 17 different toys to play with even though all they want is our socks. If you have a cat, chances are you’ve taken a good, long look at getting a cat tower.

Well, one man decided to give his cats the best tower experience possible, and now his friendly felines live in a better apartment complex than I do.

Welcome To The Kitty Towers

two kitty towers with a bridge over the couch
Photo Credit: Facebook / Kitty Towers by RACoutu
Photo Credit: Facebook / Kitty Towers by RACoutu

Rob Coutu wanted to provide his two cats with the best living experience possible. He was inspired by a tree that someone crafted into a house for their cat, and decided to do the same for his cats in his home. After investing $3500, he created this masterpiece.