This Is The Heartwarming Story Of A Man Who Raised A Moose

The largest members of the deer family, moose look like friendly uncles of the reindeer. But in fact, they can be quite dangerous. Most people would be intimidated around the 1,000-pound creatures, but not Erikas Plucas. As a farmer, Erikas is used to caring for animals, and those nurturing instincts are exactly what came in handy when he met a baby moose in need. Read on to see how a lifelong friendship developed between moose and man, and even impacted hunting practices in the area.

The Pastoral Life

Erikas takes a photo in the forest with a selfie stick.
Erikas Plucas/Facebook
Erikas Plucas/Facebook

This is Erikas Plucas, a farmer in Lithuania. Living on a farm next to a forest, Erikas gets to experience the wonders of nature often. Like many countryside residents, he finds solace in the peace that comes with living away from urban areas.

While he may be far from heavily populated cities and metropolitan areas, he has plenty of company. Erikas encounters both his farm animals and wild animals from the forest all the time.