This Man Turned Old Tires Into Beds For Stray Pets

If you’ve ever traveled to your local garbage dump, you might have noticed a pile of tires off in the corner. Unfortunately, tires are constantly being found thrown away instead of being properly recycled.

Amarildo Silva saw this waste as an opportunity to repurpose these pieces of rubber and help stray animals in his community.

Amarildo Saw An Opportunity To Help The Environment

Amarildo Silva in a 23-year-old from Campina Grande, Brazil, and he so a chance to help out the stray animals he sees throughout the day. His town sees more stray pets than most cities, and he wanted to give them a comfy space to spend the night.

amarildo creating beds with sewing machine
Photo Credit: Instagram / @amarildo_silva2
Photo Credit: Instagram / @amarildo_silva2