A Man’s Experiment Proves Cats Are Drawn To Circles

It seems totally bizarre (and it is) but for some reason, when a cat sees a circle drawn on the floor, it is compelled to sit in it. It doesn’t matter what the circle is made out of– string, an electric cord, tape– they all work the same.

One cat owner decided to try an experiment to find out why his cat wanted nothing more than to sit in a circle he drew on the floor.

It Started With a Cord Circle


So how did this theory of cats and circles begin? One day, a loose cord was lying on the floor and formed a circle. It hadn’t always been there, and the cat of the house took notice. It was also perfectly placed next to the cat’s favorite window.

Cat fact: Studies have shown that cats will either move their heads or their ears when they hear a voice, regardless of whether it came from their owner or not.