Check Out All The Things Old Books Can Make

If you’ve been a book lover for very long, you may have realized how quickly your collection can pile up. So what is a reader to do when it’s time to downsize? Instead of throwing your favorite stories away the next time you move into a smaller place, check out these awesome things other readers have made using their old books. Who knows? One of them might inspire a way to give your old books a new life.

This coffee table.

Table made of books
via bobvila

This book desk!

Desks made from books
via dailywt

A planter for succulents!

Succulent planter
via DIYready

This cool vintage-style clock.

Old Book Clock
via hillcitybride

This book birdhouse!

Book Birdhouse
via craftionary

This awesome bathtub we wouldn’t recommend actually bathing in!

decorative book bathrub
via bobvila

This cool super secret compartment.

Secret book compartment

A headboard for your bed.

headboard from books
via ideastolivefor

Or a bed frame!

bedframe made from books

This unique coat rack.

coat rack from books
via knickoftime

The coolest clutch ever!

Clutch made of a book
via mnn

A classy picture frame.

cool picture frame from book
via craftingagreenworld

An iPhone dock.

Book dock for iPhone
via littlelovliesbyAllison


Bookmarks from books
via babble

A cool chair to read in.

books chair
via randomization

A bookshelf made of books.

book bookshelf
via classicbookreader

Even… a whole book house!

book house
via classicbookreader

Happy reading and reusing!