More Meow! The Most Gigantic Domestic Cat Breeds

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 58 million households in the United States own cats. Cat owners have a wide range of breeds to choose from, but some adopt based on size. While small cats are adorable, many owners prefer the majestic qualities of larger cat breeds. Keep reading to browse some of the most gigantic domestic cats.

Norwegian Forest Cats Are Legendary In Norway

Norwegian Forest cats can be identified by their strong, muscular build, huge paws, and thick fur coat. It was bred to look like a cat who was featured in a popular Norwegian legend.

a norwegian forest cat being held lengthwise
Rob Stothard/Getty Images
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

These cats usually weigh up to 22 pounds and tend to become attached to one specific person. This means they aren’t suitable for large families.