These Lovable Movie Dogs Are Adorable, Fun, And Charmingly Mischievous

Throughout history, canines have graced the big screen alongside their human counterparts. Ironically, sometimes they even steal the show, with viewers more excited to see their furry faces more than the star actors. It’s hard not to fall in love with the likes of Shadow from Homeward Bound, or Hooch from Turner and Hooch.

Movie dogs are typically fun, loving, and always up for a good bit of mischief, such as Marley from Marley & Me. Are you like us and love watching good boys and girls on the big screen? If so, then you’re going to want to keep reading; this list of the most lovable movie dogs is full of some of the best.

Buddy Is The Shooting Guard We All Deserve

A lot of ’90s babies will agree that one of the more loveable on-screen dogs is Buddy, aka Air Bud. His friendly demeanor and love of vanilla pudding made the Golden Retriever the dog of dogs. Pretty much every kid wanted a Golden as a pet.

Buddy Form Air Bud Is The Shooting Guard We All Deserve
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Then, when Buddy suited up to play ball alongside his human, no one could help but love the furry animal even more. We get it, Buddy had no idea what was happening and thought they were playing some intense game of catch. But, hey, results are results, no matter how slobbery.