Mother Of NHL Stars Saved The Life Of Local Hero

Hockey means a lot to the community of Seaforth, Ontario, especially to Bonnie O’Reilly. Her sons grew up training at their local ice arena almost every day and eventually went on to become star players in the NHL. The man who ran that ice rink was a pillar in their town. When the people of Seaforth found out he was in danger of losing his life, it was time for O’Reilly to step up and save him.

Meet Graham Nesbitt

graham nesbitt wearing glasses
CTV News
CTV News

Graham Nesbitt knows how important it is to keep kids from getting into trouble in his local community of Seaforth, Ontario. He ran the local ice arena, but went above and beyond for the community.

Nesbitt was known for making special exceptions for the community to protect their safety, such as opening the rink at all hours and during harsh snowstorms. It meant a great deal that the kids were skating at his rink instead of hanging out on the streets.