Movie Buffs Will Love These Themed Hotel Rooms

It’s not every day that you get to live inside of a movie. These movie-inspired hotel rooms transport you into a world of magic, fantasy, and superheroes. From walking along the Wizard of Oz’s yellow brick road to a quirky Spongebob Squarepants room that takes you inside his pineapple under the sea, these movie-themed hotel rooms make a perfect vacation for any film buff.

Harry Potter fans, we have a treat for you!

The Batman Suite At Eden Motel (Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)


Take a step into the bat cave with this Batman-inspired room in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The entire room is fitted to look like Bruce Wayne’s actual luxury dwellings — from the headboard emblazoned with the Batman logo to mirrors etched with the famous batwings. There’s even a Bat TV in front of the floodlit bathtub.

The Spongebob Squarepants Room At Nickelodeon Resort (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)


Leave it to Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana to take us inside the pineapple-shaped house of our favorite pants-wearing sponge. This Spongebob Squarepants-themed room looks like it’s plucked straight out of Bikini Bottom. The two-bedroom suite has both an indoor and outdoor living area with Spongebob’s exact living room décor – the vintage diving helmet-inspired TV and life raft armchair. Even Gary is chilling out in the corner with his bowl of food! There’s also a garden, patio, infinity pool and private butlers, so you get to live a Spongebob lifestyle with the high-class taste of our favorite undersea neighbor, Squidward.

The Wizard Of Oz Room At The Roxbury Hotel (Catskills, New York)


This quirky gem in the heart of upstate New York shines bright like an emerald – particularly, the emerald city from Wizard of Oz. The Roxbury Motel has a couple of movie-themed rooms but none are as magical as the Wizard’s Emeralds, a luxe room right off of the Yellow Brick Road. In fact, the Yellow Brick Road runs right through the center of the suite.

The Wizard’s Emeralds is soaked in a rich green – everything from the glittery bedspread to the pattern of the wallpaper is a glowy emerald color. It even has a painted mural of the magical Wizard of Oz city on one of the walls. The poppy-themed bathroom is perhaps the shining star with a giant two-person, 85-gallon soaking tub, and dual showerheads. A visit starts at $213.

The Digs At The Roxbury Hotel (Catskills, New York)

indiana jones.jpg

The Catskills aren’t exactly an adventure — it’s a relaxing, sleepy mountain town — but this hotel room certainly is. This three-bedroom suite at the Roxbury is inspired by Indiana Jones. It’s got a gold-encrusted bathroom inspired by Cleopatra and filled with Egyptian décor. It also has a 500-gallon saltwater aquarium. To make things even more true to the film, the living room is chock full of hidden passageways and treasures. It’s got mystical statues, snake pit-inspired wallpaper (which was designed by Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo, oddly enough) and a secret chamber that pulls out into a Murphy bed.

The Legacy of the River Room At Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)

00 tron.jpg

This icy, Swedish hotel used Tron: Legacy as some mega-inspiration. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is 200 kilometers into the Arctic Circle, and the entire place is carved from ice. In 2010, there were a handful of art installations that included the Legacy of the River room, a futuristic dwelling deeply inspired by the film.

As far as the hotel itself, it’s crafted from 21,500 tons of snow and 900 tons of ice. Your best bet is to keep your jacket on at all times and enjoy the futuristic glow of neon lights glowing through the carved ice.

The Harry Potter Room At Georgian House Hotel (London, UK)

harry potter room.jpg

In the heart of Harry Potter country (the United Kingdom!) lies the Georgian House Hotel. This quaint 19th century English hotel has a wizard-themed bedroom modeled after the famed Gryffindor house. The room is actually interactive. It’s concealed behind a bookcase door and visitors have to pass a portrait-lined hallway (just like in the books!). The entire place has a gothic feel with stone walls and glass windows. There are even cauldrons, wood burning stoves and a tartan bedspread bearing Gryffindor’s colors. Not to mention, it’s located right in the midst of a number of real-life Harry Potter locations like platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross Station.

Keep reading to check out a hotel that lets guest experience Alice in Wonderland in real life!

The James Bond Suite At Hotel Seven (Paris, France)

james bond.jpg

Nobody is as effortlessly cool as James Bond. Most of us would kill to live a day in his shoes (at least one of the days where someone isn’t trying to murder him). This 007-inspired room at Hotel Seven gives us the chance to pretend we’re our favorite secret agent. The style of the room is an amalgamation of mid-century modern and high-tech, just like the original James Bond and all his gadgets. It’s got a secret spy headquarters type vibe with a curved alcove that has a giant black-and-white James Bond mural on the wall. Don’t forget to mix yourself a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.

The Flintstones Room At The Melia Caribe Tropical (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)


The Melia Caribe Tropical doesn’t just have a Flintstones-inspired room – it has the whole Flintstones Land Kid’s Club. The Melia Caribe is a family-oriented resort on a picturesque beach, but for kids, they may have well landed right in Bedrock during prehistoric times. There are different programs for kids from four months to thirteen years old with themed dining areas and character breakfasts. The Flintstones-themed room is just part of the experience (though we’re guessing it’s a little more comfortable than a time before electricity was even invented. Who doesn’t love some air conditioning on a heat-drenched tropical vacation?). The décor alone makes the room completely worth it. How cute is the bedspread?

The Star Wars Room In Hotel Pelirocco (Brighton, UK)

03 star wars.jpg

Hotel Pelirocco is hailed as England’s most rock ‘n’ roll hotel. While most of the rooms have music themes like Sex Pistols and Dollywood, it’s also got a room imported from a galaxy far, far away. Lord Vader’s Quarters is ideal for Star Wars fans who still want to live their childhood dreams of sharing bunk beds. This themed room looks like a cabin where Storm Troopers would sleep. Everything about it is futuristic down to the pristine white walls and bright mock window (though we’re guessing it’s not all that bright outside of the Death Star).

The Frozen Suite At Hotel De Glace (Quebec, Canada)

00 frozen.jpg

Frozen has one of the most magical castles in the entire Disney universe. Now, you can get a chance to stay in Elsa’s guest room at the Frozen Suite in Quebec’s Hotel De Glace. This room is completely made from carved ice with exquisite detail. They didn’t just want to build a snowman — they built an entire hotel. While you might be singing “Let It Go” quite a bit during your stay (it’s infectious), you’re certainly not talking about your coat. This hotel is rather cold, but we hear it’s not so bad underneath the sheets and can get kind of toasty even it’s crafted completely from ice. If you’re not brave enough for an icy stay, you can tour the hotel for just $17.50.

The Lord Of The Rings House At The Shire Of Montana (Trout Creek, Montana)

hobbit house.jpg

You don’t have to go all the way to New Zealand to experience the magic of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Just skip on over to this VRBO listing in Northwest Montana. The Shire of Montana is designed to look exactly like the houses in The Hobbit, and it’s even more magical at night with glowing mushrooms lining Hobbit Lane and a lit-up mural of an Elven Village. Guests even get a special treat upon checking in. According to the listing, guests can expect a large, delicious Trollhouse cookie made with “special fairy dust” (whatever that means – we’re hoping just sprinkles). In addition, it overlooks the Whitepine Alpaca Ranch. Who can argue with being in close proximity to a bunch of adorable alpacas?

Alice In WonderlandHouse At Wonderland House (Brighton, UK)

01 wonderlnd house.jpg

Wonderland House is truly a fairy tale with five magical floors and six Alice In Wonderland-themed rooms on the gorgeous coast of England. Brighton is an artsy, quaint city – basically, the perfect place to construct an Alice in Wonderland-themed hotel. They didn’t skimp on any of the details. Each room has a different theme from Queen of Hearts and Flamingos Dream to The Tweedles (with two identical single beds, of course). There’s a space specifically designed for tea parties with teacup-shaped seats, playing card décor and plenty of mad hats. The hotel even has a magical Christmas dinner with three courses and cocktails.

The Pretty Woman Package At Beverly Wilshire (Beverly Hills, California)

beverly witlshire.jpeg

This $10,000 package lets Julia Roberts fans relive the romance of Pretty Woman. The extraordinary experience is called “Pretty Woman for a Day” and includes a behind-the-scenes tour of Rodeo Drive’s fashion houses, a wardrobe consultant and stylist (just like in the movie!) and a dining experience at The BLVD with exclusive menu items from the Executive Chef. You also get a romantic dinner for two right inside of your suite and a couple’s massage with a hand-drawn aromatherapy bath. To sweeten the deal, all travel is done in a Mercedes Sedan. Sadly, Richard Gere is not included.

The Talladega Nights Room At The Curtis (Denver, Colorado)


Talladega Nights is by no means Will Ferrell’s most popular movie, but that didn’t stop this Denver hotel from creating a room dedicated to Ricky Bobby. The room is absolutely littered with NASCAR souvenirs and Rocky Bobby’s favorite things including a team Shake N’ Bake logo and a painted fountain of cheese. Snacks provided include some cheese wiz and Ritz crackers. The entire room is decorated in red, white and blue – representing good ol’ America. If you’re one of the few who thinks that Talladega Nights is worth the 71% Rotten Tomatoes score than you can definitely score this room starting at $189.

The Star Trek Room At The Curtis (Denver, Colorado)

the curtis star trek.jpg

The Curtis has made a name for itself in downtown Denver by having a number of movie-themed rooms. In addition to their bizarre Talladega Nights room, they’ve got something for the Trekkie in all of us. The Star Trek-themed room is as classy as it is space aged, with wall art urging us to “live long and prosper.” The wall has a giant Star Trek mural and the entire room is styled in cool, space-aged grays. The décor matches the USS Enterprise, so it’s not hard to pretend you’re on a very important space mission of your own. Rooms in the Curtis start at $189 a night.

The Dolphin Tale Room At The Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach (Clearwater, Florida)


Wyndham hotels are always known for luxury, but this particular Wyndham in Clearwater, Florida isn’t just great for adults who like nice things. It has a Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2-themed room with kid-sized bunk beds decorated with pictures of dolphins. To make the vacation as fun as it is educational, the hotel is just a hop and a skip away from the real dolphin that inspired the film. Winter lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and part of the proceeds from your stay in this dolphin-themed room goes right to the aquariums rescue, rehab and release program.

The Marilyn Monroe Room At Platine Hotel (Paris, France)

02 marilyn.jpg

Okay, so Marilyn Monroe isn’t exactly a movie theme, but the iconic star was certainly in a lot of movies. This dreamy French hotel has a room dedicated to the blonde bombshell. The décor is elegant and glamorous in shades of black and red (just like her trademark red lipstick). It’s got pictures of the starlet plastered all over the walls. This is truly a Hollywood experience in the heart of the city of love. The hotel touts the experience as a “taste of the Hollywood myth.” A night’s stay will run you around $172 a night – not bad for a four-star hotel.

The Captain Phillips Room At Capsule Hotel (Scheveningen, Holland)

00 netherlands.jpg

This room is both a house and a room in one. It’s floating, it’s strange, and it’s something straight out of the underrated Tom Hanks film Captain Phillips. This bizarre hotel called The Capsule Hotel gives visitors a bright orange Captain Phillips-esque pod in a seaside dock location. The pods came from offshore drilling sites and were crafted from an oil rig platform. They were built all the way back in 1972 but transformed into rooms as part of a 2004 art project from artist Denis Oudendik, who has other pod-stay locations in Amsterdam, Belgium, and France.

Rooms can include a hammock and blankets or something a bit less like the film and little more luxurious. Upgrade to a luxury capsule to get silk bedding, champagne, and a funky disco ball. Sure, why not?

The Pirates Of The Caribbean Suite At Disneyland Hotel (Anaheim, California)


Leave it to Disney to give you the movie-themed suite of your pirate dreams. This Pirates of the Caribbean-themed suite at the Disneyland Hotel is like your living in Captain Jack Sparrow’s bedroom (but just a little bit swankier). To enter the room, you have to ring a doorbell that plays “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me.” The interior is outfitted with pirate-themed decorations and décor from that period including antique rugs, globes, four post beds and hardwood floors. The only downside is it’s an upwards of $1,086 per night – you’ll certainly need some buried treasure to afford your stay.

Wes Anderson House In A 1890s Craftsman House (Portland, Oregon)

wes anderson home.jpg

Wes Anderson is known for his visual aesthetic, and this private home on Airbnb is a perfect homage to the vibe of his films. Just leave it to the hipster capital of the world to have a quaint two-bedroom home dedicated to the indie filmmaker. The décor of the home is a mix of midcentury modern, new amenities and vintage treasures. There’s a record player with a small collection of vintage albums and Netflix-loaded TVs for watching the Wes Anderson films of your choice. Although the space isn’t exactly as grand as The Grand Budapest Hotel, it’s inside a 1890s Craftsman house than favors clean lines and quirky oddities.