Improve Your Working Environment With These Brilliant Office Hacks

Do you spend a lot of time at the office? Are your desk and workspace laid out exactly how you want it? Unfortunately, it can be hard to organize certain items or deal with problems such as ink stains, paper cuts, and messy microwaves. In order to make your work life more convenient and satisfying, there are some simple office hacks that can make a big difference. Ditch tangled wires, stinky shoes, and disorganized drawers by following these simple solutions…

Clean Your Dusty & Dirty Keyboard With Tape

Over time, everybody’s keyboard gets disgustingly dirty. It contains dust and grime from your hands and particles from the air. If you can see the dirt, you know it’s time to clean it. If you don’t have a can of compressed air that can blow away the dust, simply reach for some scotch tape.


Slide the sticky side along the slots between the keys to remove any debris. You can also use the sticky side of a sticky note to accomplish the same thing.