Origami Artists Who Take Things To The Extreme

The ancient art of origami dates back to the sixth century. Monks would fold paper for ceremonial purposes and religious events. By delicately folding and bending pieces of paper, origami artists create stunning works of art. These contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of paper and creating masterpieces like you’ve never seen before.

You won’t believe the amazing things these artists can do with paper.

Yuki Tatsumi’s “Japanese Tip”


Artist Yuki Tatsumi bases his artwork around the Japanese tradition of folding chopstick papers as a sign of gratitude and respect to your host or server. It’s not customary in Japan for customers to tip their waiter or waitress so they frequently leave little paper figures instead. In 2012, Tatsumi was a server and began saving the little works of art left behind for him as well as creating his own. He launched a project called “Japanese Tip” and set up a website to showcase photographs he takes of each piece. So far he’s collected over 13,000 sculptures.