Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry

Pawpaw Made Dinner For 6 Grandkids And Only One Showed Up

This tweet went viral a few years ago. Thanks to Twitter user @kelsseyharmon and her grandfather Kenny Harmon, the internet was collectively reminded to appreciate our grandparents more. Seriously, if you can, go hug your Pawpaw and Mawmaw now.

pawpaw burgers granddaughter and grandfather eating burgers together
Photo Credit: @kelssseyharmon / Twitter
Photo Credit: @kelssseyharmon / Twitter

Imagine not showing up to your own grandfather’s BBQ after he made all that food for you. It’s upsetting to hear about people treating their grandparents this way. Luckily this family lives in a community that heard about the dinner and wanted to make things right.