Paws Up! These Are The Most Dog-Friendly Cities In The United States

If you’re one of the 43 million Americans who live with at least one dog, then you know it’s not always easy to move. Will your dog be happy in their new home? Their new city? Any move involving a pup requires extra research on the owner’s part. Of course, not everyone has time to look at every factor in every city. Good news! We did the research for you. Taking walkability, the number of dog parks, and several other canine-friendly factors into account, we compiled this list of the best dog-friendly cities in America. Maybe you live in one and don’t even know it yet!

San Francisco Is ‘Littered’ With Dog Parks

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San Francisco is an amazing place to raise a dog. The city is home to the second most dog parks per 100,000 residents and has over 170 dog-friendly restaurants! If you can afford the high cost of living, no city is better to live in with a dog.

It’s hard to beat the weather in San Francisco, too. Of course, if you’re a desert dweller, you might want to stay away. Mark Twain did say, “the coldest winter I ever saw was the Summer I spent in San Francisco.” If you’re looking for a warmer climate, you’ll prefer the next city by about 98 degrees!

Albuquerque Doesn’t Bring The Rain, But It Sure Brings The Thunder

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Averaging temperatures much warmer than the city by the bay, Albuquerque, New Mexico is nestled firmly in the desert heat. Hate the rain because you can’t walk your dog in it? No problem! It only rains 28 days of the year in this heat-filled oasis.

Known as Duke City, Albuquerque falls just behind San Francisco in the number of dog parks per 100,000 residents. Dog-friendly restaurants aren’t as typical, but the cost of living makes this desert locale a top location to raise a pup and have some money left over to buy yourself nice things!

Tucson Is Quickly Becoming “The” City Where You Should Raise Your Best Friend

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Believe it or not, Tucson is not only an affordable place to live but it’s also one of the top spots to raise a dog. Two years ago the city couldn’t say that. But last year Tucson made waves, breaking into the top ten.

Offering over 50 dog-friendly restaurants and the eighth most dog-friendly shopping centers, Tucson will have to change its name to Tuc-dog soon! Located in Arizona, rain is sparse and dog sightings are plentiful. We’re packing our things now! Coming up, the best place in Southern California to live with a dog!

San Diego Makes It Easy To Dine Out With Fido

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Do you refuse to go to a restaurant if you can’t bring your dog? If that sounds like you, then you’ll love San Diego. Located in Southern California, the beach city has over 200 dog-friendly restaurants. That’s easily more than any other city on this list!

And if you like to go shopping before after you eat and need to bring your pup along, San Diego has you covered with the sixth most dog-friendly shopping centers. Beautiful weather and enough pro-pup amenities mean you never have to be separated. That is a hard deal to beat. The only downside is the excessive cost of living. If you need a cheaper alternative, wait until you read about Denver!

Denver Is All About The Backyards

Denver Is All About The Backyards

Photo Credit: Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images

One of the most exciting things about raising a dog in Denver is the cost of buying a house. This is one state where you won’t need to hire a dog walker or go to a doggie daycare. Boasting one of the most affordable housing markets, your fur-friend can roam free in the backyard all day until you come home from work to play.

Other incredible features of the Mile High City include a limited number of rainy days and 81 dog-friendly restaurants. Also, if you enjoy a tasty brew, there are a dog of dog-friendly breweries in Colorado to help keep you and your dog happy.

Las Vegas Is The Most Walkable City Out There

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Sin City isn’t just for lovers; it’s also for dogs! With only 14 days of rain a year, no city is more walkable than Las Vegas. Pair that with affordable housing and you’ve found one of the best locations to own a dog.

Oh, and if you thought Vegas was only known for its excessive amount of casinos you’d be wrong. No city on this list has more dog parks per 100,000 residents. If your pup isn’t social, it might not like Las Vegas very much. That’s okay though; our next city makes it easy to have a lazy Saturday with your friend watching movies in the rain!

New York City Is Surprisingly Dog-Friendly

New York City Is Surprisingly Dog-Friendly

Photo Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Easily the most cramped and compacted city on our list, it might surprise you to learn how dog-friendly New York City is! Your apartment in the city might be tiny, but take a few steps outside (when it’s not raining) and you’ll find it’s one of the most walkable cities with too many parks to count!

The only downside to the city that never sleeps is the amount of rain it gets. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while you can. Once fall and winter hit you’ll need to get your dog a raincoat or bundle up with Air Bud for a cozy night in! Next, another west coast location to keep your pup wagging its tail!

Sacramento Is The Politically Correct Place To Raise Your Pup

Sacramento Is The Politically Correct Place To Raise Your Pup

Photo Credit: Lisa Noble/Getty Images

The capital of California is perfect for more than just politicians. Nicknamed the City of Trees, it’s easily one of the best places to own a dog in the United States. Full of lush greenery and surrounded by several national parks, the city is pretty great too!

If you move to Sacramento, one of the first things you’ll notice is how many dog parks there. There are also 60 dog-friendly restaurants to make sure your pup never eats alone. Located inland, the city also stays warm most of the year and sees very little rainfall, replicating the desert in California!

Phoenix Wants Your Dog To Go Shopping With You

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If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you never have to go shopping without your dog. The city is home to the most dog-friendly shopping centers. Looking to make a day out of it? There are 158 pup-preferred restaurants to recharge after a morning of buying nose-picked dog toys.

Phoenix has very few downsides. The only negative we can give it is walkability. It’s not the most friendly city to walk your dog and keep them active. It rarely rains, though, so you don’t have an extra umbrella!

Chicago Is A Paradise For Cold Weather Dogs

Chicago Is A Paradise For Cold Weather Dogs

Photo Credit: Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Chicago rounds out the top ten our list of most friendly dog cities in America, thanks to its weather and walkability. Its incredibly easy to take your dog on morning strolls, even in the winter. It might get cold when summer ends, but the rains don’t come storming in.

Just make sure when you go out that your dog is bundled up in its finest cold weather jacket. Feel free to grab a hot dog on a walk too! The city boasts 130 dog-friendly eateries that will make you want to stop for a snack on your walks.