People Are Sharing Animal Shaped Buildings And They’re Both Hilarious And Weird

This Twitter moment all started when travel writer David Whitley posted some photos of buildings shaped like animals that he’d seen in his travels. Since his initial posts, the trend has become a worldwide roundup where people are finding and posting local animal buildings in their area.

Get ready for some architecture choices that don’t make a whole lot of sense like the church that’s shaped like a chicken. But hey, art imitates life. Just this time it’s animal life. Here are Whitley’s finds and other weird and hilarious buildings.

This Ambiguous Bird Building

duck building building shaped like a white duck or a dove
Photo Credit: @mrdavidwhitley / Twitter
Photo Credit: @mrdavidwhitley / Twitter

Birds are pretty great. They help spread seeds and pollen that helps pollination and tree growth, they do an excellent job adding ambiance for wedding ceremonies, and they’re always ready and willing to eat the fries you don’t want at the beach. They rock all around.

But this building doesn’t rock so much. Maybe it’s because the bird looks like a mutant dove crossbred with a duck. Or they decided that windows weren’t a priority but a long neck was. This building generates a lot of questions, but the biggest one is why.