Perfectly-Timed Pet Photos Will Make Your Day That Much Better

Capturing good pictures of pets can be as easy as holding up a treat or toy. And while those pictures are great for a holiday card, it’s the candid pictures that take the cake and make people belly laugh.

From enthusiastic dogs jumping towards a ball with their jowls flopping every which way to goofy cats twisting in the air, here are some perfectly timed and hilarious pet photos.

The Perfectly-Timed Bubble Ball

It’s shiny, circular, and, hey, it probably looks like a ball to this precious animal. Unfortunately, that sparkling light in his eye is about to go away after he realizes the “ball” is actually a bubble.


Even though the bubble will ultimately pop, this pooch’s owner gets a whole lot of props for their awesome photography timing. Seriously, this perfectly-timed shot is one for the scrapbook. He just looks so thrilled!