Pets Who Want To Be Let Inside ASAP

While many pets are eager to get out of the house, some animals are desperate to get back in! Though they can’t effectively knock on the door, animals have some pretty clever ways of getting the homeowner’s attention. From scaling doors to making silly faces, these animals have some hilarious ways of showing their desperation to get inside.

Please Get Me Away From This Bird

We’re not sure what a peahen is doing on this person’s front porch, but the cat certainly isn’t happy about it. The feline is looking wide-eyed into the glass door as though she’s trying to telepathically communicate with its owner.

Fun Facts And More/YouTube
Fun Facts And More/YouTube

We would guess that the cat is thinking something like, “Let me in, there’s a giant bird out here!” On the outside, she looks cool and collected, but on the inside, she’s holding her breath.