So Photogenic: These Animals Are Natural-Born Models

It can be challenging to get a good photo of humans, let alone animals! However, some furry friends are just natural-born models. From house pets to farm animals to those out in the wild, these mammals love the camera and, apparently, the feeling is mutual. Read on to see some animals that are not camera-shy at all.

This Ape Knows What It’s Doing

This ape definitely looks like it’s posing for the camera. First of all, it’s leaned against a wall like someone doing a photoshoot might be. Secondly, the ape is looking to the side and grinning slyly.


Why would an ape be gazing so lovingly at a wall? The same reason a human would: to look charming in the photo! We could be reading a little too far into this, but that half-smile doesn’t lie.