PHOTOS: Clever Cat Forts Pet Owners Constructed In 2020

During an uncertain time when people are told to stay inside and socially distance, its no surprise that many of us have a lot of free time on our hands. While some decided to pick up a new hobby, finally read the books they have lying around the house, or anything else to occupy their time, others decided to pamper their cats. Feline pet owners around the world began building forts for their cats, and these are some of the most impressive.

Going All In

Clearly, this cat’s owner didn’t hold anything back when constructing this impressive cat fort. Not only is it elevated above the ground, but it has several different rooms and is in the shape of what looks to be a dragon!

Dragon cat

We’re willing to bet that this is the biggest piece of furniture in the house if you can call it that, and it’s all for the cat. We hope they don’t have a dog; otherwise, it might get jealous!