Photos Of Pregnant Animals Will Leave You In Awe Of The Circle Of Life

Pregnancy is often considered a beautiful thing but that idea isn’t exclusive to humans. Nearly every creature in the circle of life experiences pregnancy in one form or another and that means they have to deal with bulging bellies and painful labor just like everyone else. Amazingly, some animals can be pregnant for as little as two weeks or as long as two years! These members of the animal kingdom have quite a lot to show for the lives that they bring into this world and you’ll be in awe of what that process looks like.

Prairie Dogs Have A Mating Call To Get To This State

Donovan Watson/Flickr
Donovan Watson/Flickr

Prairie dogs carry their litter for a month on average, depending on which breed they are. These rodents aren’t actually in the canine family despite their name, yet their mating call consists of barking two to 25 times at three- to 15-second intervals.

The mother prairie dogs will nurse their young in a nursery chamber underground for about six weeks. They also spend this time defending the nursery and gathering grass for the nest. It has been argued that young prairie dogs will sleep in chambers with other mothers, but others say they will be killed to protect the territory.