Photos Of Prom Dates Who Got Married That Will Have You Believing In Love Again

These Two Mastered The Dance Moves After 5 Years Between Prom And Marriage

prom to wedding red dress couple he's dipping her at the wedding
Photo Credit: @OurForeverrLove / Twitter
Photo Credit: @OurForeverrLove / Twitter

We all know how stressful an experience the prom slow-dance is – there are a million questions you have to ask yourself. Where do you put your hands? Which foot belongs to me? How can I do a spin without falling over? Luckily, these two have mastered the moves since they had their prom.

These two in March 2012 and in July 2017 are as adorable as they ever were. What doesn’t stay consistent is dance confidence. Look at him dipping her with ease on their wedding day compared to simply standing at prom. Now that’s a glow-up.