Photos That Prove Some Animals Are Natural-Born Comedians At Heart

Animals can bring a lot of joy and wonderment to our lives, as well as plenty of humor. They probably don’t even realize how hilarious they’re being, but that’s what makes them such natural comedians! Read on to see a meditating lemur, a cat screwing in a lightbulb, a bear reading the newspaper, and lots more goofy things animals have done.

Just A Pair Of Dogs Getting Some Financial Advice


These golden retrievers must have been eager to meet the person their owner was talking to. So, they went ahead and hopped up on their hind legs and rested their front ones on the desk.

They look like a couple seeking financial advice! One of them is looking more seriously in the direction of presumably the banker. The other has its tongue out like it doesn’t have a care in the world. We could guess who wears the pants in that relationship.

Why So Serious?


Cats can be a little… well, catty. When there are multiple felines in one house, it can be entertaining to watch them interact. In this case, one cat clearly loves to mess with the other.

The orange cat was just trying to nap when the black cat came up and shoved its paws into their face! They look like a couple of kids messing with one another. All we can think of is the joker from Batman saying, “Why so serious?”

A Sink Or A Bird Shower?


You’ve heard of a birdbath before, but what about a bird shower? Apparently, that just means a sink because this bird is loving their kitchen faucet. It first tested out the water put sticking a foot out.

Apparently, the water was fine because the bird went ahead and stepped right under the faucet, submerging its entire head! It’s better to have a cleanly bird than one who likes to stay filthy! Less work for the owner.

This Dog Definitely Knows What It’s Doing


This dog has mastered the art of cuteness. Not only is it giving huge puppy eyes, but it’s also holding a teddy bear with its front paws! It’s like the dog learned a thing or two from the child of the house.

This pose is too perfect to have happened by accident. We would bet that the dog was thinking to itself, “I know how to get that treat! I’ll just play the cuteness card!”

Feeling Like A King In This Baby Swing

This dog’s face doesn’t seem to match the setting, but that’s what is so hilarious about the picture! You’ve got the brawny bulldog with a look on its face like he’s Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

Then you look down and realize the dog is in a baby swing! We can just imagine this dog saying, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse,” to one of the little kids on the playground.

Just My Size


Pets often love clothing because it smells like their owner and makes them feel safe. Felines also get comfort from being in small spaces. This cat managed to meet both of those needs by curling up in a pair of pants!

The waist size fits the cat’s curled-up body perfectly! It’s just enough room to fit inside while still feeling hugged. Being that the belt is still on, we can tell the owner recently wore the pants, so the smell must be heaven to this pet.

No Blanket? No Problem


The next time you find yourself without a blanket, just do what this dog did and chew a hole into the mattress! The Doberman is wearing its owner’s bed like a sleeping bag!

It probably gets a lot of comfort from being surrounded by foam that smells just like its owner. However, that momentary bliss is sure to dissipate once the owner gives a scolding to this dog for destroying an expensive mattress! Then again, who could stay mad at that cutie?

Just Hanging Out

If there’s one thing that sloths are great at, it’s hanging out (get it?). This sloth is literally hanging upside down from the passenger’s side sun visor. From the view through the window, it looks like the owner was driving on the freeway!

Imagine going 65 miles per hour and looking over to see your pet sloth staring right at you upside-down! It would be a real challenge to stay focused on the road with that distraction by your side.

That’s One Way To Get A Hairball


These pets must really love one another to be able to fall asleep like this! Cats and dogs have a history of not getting along, but that isn’t always the case. This feline is perfectly content sleeping under a massive bulldog.

The bulldog is so comforted by its furry sibling that its giant tongue is hanging all the way out while it sleeps! We can just imagine the giant furball that dog’s going to wake up with.

The Cat With An Identity Crisis


This cat looks like it’s having an identity crisis as it looks into the mirror. It didn’t just stumble upon its reflection while walking around the house. The feline had to first get up to the bathroom sink.

Then it had to balance on its hind legs to be able to see into the mirror. It’s looking so closely at its face that we have to imagine that the cat is contemplating its life’s purpose.

The Meditating Lemur


This lemur seems to have a real handle on finding inner peace. It’s balancing on a fence and leaning back with its eyes closed as though to look inward and still the mind.

The real kicker is the way the lemur’s hands are positioned. It literally has its index finger and thumb touching in full-blown Gyan mudra! We don’t know who taught this lemur how to meditate, but it looks like it’s about ready to lead a retreat.

They Just Got Their Driver’s License

One thing that’s more nerve-wracking than driving next to a car full of teenagers is driving next to a car full of dogs! There are four dogs of the same breed in this car and absolutely no humans!

The funny thing is that they look like they just got their license and are hitting the road for the first time! The dog in the driver’s seat even has a big grin on its face, plus none of them are wearing a seatbelt!

A New Kind Of Birdhouse


It’s amazing how birds can fit into that tiny hole in birdhouses. They must enjoy squeezing into things because this bird feels at home nestled into the handle of a coffee mug!

Even though the bird is standing upright, it’s leaning on the handle enough to take a load off and fall asleep. Hopefully, the owner looked down before reaching for their mug. Otherwise, that would have been quite the surprise to feel something fluffy in the handle.

Sometimes You Just Need A Jar Of Peanut Butter


Many of us have had those days where you grab the entire jar of peanut butter and a spoon. This raccoon can relate. It didn’t even both with a spoon; it just went all-in with its paw.

We’re amazed it even managed to get the lid off! The animal is just sitting there on a chair with a paw in the jar while looking off into the distance. It must have been a rough day.

Pandas Playing On The Playground


These pandas look like they have an excellent life. Judging by the background, we’re fairly sure they’re in some sort of zoo enclosure. The confusing part is that the pandas aren’t sitting in trees but rather are on playground equipment meant for kids!

It’s pretty adorable to see a baby panda in a colorful rocking chair and another one riding a toy horse. Of all the structures they could be playing on, they chose the one that most look designed for humans!

How Many Cats Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?


Some felines spend their days lounging by a window and taking in the sunlight. Not this one, though! This cat is earning its keep by acting as its owner’s handyman assistant.

The pet must have learned a thing or two from watching its owner change the lightbulbs in the chandelier. It climbed right up the ladder and started working on another one of the bulbs! Even if it isn’t much help, it’s certainly amusing to see!

Is This Seat Taken?


This dog doesn’t chase the cat in its house; it sits on it! The poor feline was just minding its own business when its canine sibling decided to plop right on top!

There must be something special about that seat because there was plenty of room on the rest of the couch! The best part is the look on their faces. The cat is looking very seriously at the owner, while the dog is wearing a big, mischievous grin.

The Mech-CAT-nic

It’s incredible how many skills owners can teach their pets to perform. This cat looks like it’s become a full-blown mechanic with the way it’s inspecting the bottom of a car.

There are even tools set out all around it. We’d venture to guess that this picture was staged because there’s no way such tiny paws could pick up a screwdriver. Still, it’s funny to imagine that the mech-cat-nic is down there performing an oil change.



It’s difficult to take kid goats seriously– just look at this face! When they’re not prancing around aimlessly or searching for the highest spot on the farm they’re still pretty goofy looking!

This kid has just discovered his tongue. There’s a good chance he’ll never put it back in his mouth again.

This Dog’s Taking Itself For A Walk


This canine seems to be missing something. It’s not missing a collar or a leash, though. The thing it’s missing is an owner! Presumably, the owner is the one taking this photo.

However, what the image appears to convey is a dog talking itself for a walk! The canine even has the leash in its mouth like it’s guiding itself across the street. That must be a well-trained dog to behave so well on an open road.

Nothing To See Here!

These dogs definitely got into some trouble when they walked into the house covered in mud! The best part is that the puppy is the one that looks scared, as though it knows deep down what they did was wrong.

The older one, on the other hand, looks like it doesn’t have a care in the world! It’s got a big grin on its face as though that will be enough to melt its owner’s heart.

This Guinea Pig Loves To Garden


Guinea pigs are pretty adorable, but this one ranks extra high on the cuteness scale because of what it’s doing. The furry rodent is using a pitcher to water a pot full of flowers!

We had no idea a guinea pig could have a green thumb, but apparently, it’s entirely possible! This cutie must have watched its owner tend to the garden and decided to step in to help. That would make for one amazing April calendar picture.

The Studious Sloth


Sloths may be slow-moving, but that doesn’t mean that their minds are slow! Just look at this studious sloth, who is sitting at a classroom desk with a large notebook in front of it.

Having a pet sloth is unique enough, but bringing one to class? That’s downright amazing! This pet owner must have a pretty laid-back teacher to have gotten the okay to bring a sloth into the classroom. Perhaps it was high school show-and-tell.

Just A Hedgehog Driving In Traffic

This hedgehog appears to be driving in heavy traffic! The one nice thing about rush hour is that it gives you time to place your hedgehog on the steering wheel and take a funny photo!

The little guy looks like it’s leaned over and ready for this red light to turn green! Of course, the owner probably had a grip on things and was the genuine operator of the vehicle. If that was the case, they should probably put their phone down.

Sleeping Like A Human


When dogs sleep, they are often curled up on their stomach or spread out on their side. This one is lying on its back with its paws in the air as though it were trying to act like its owner.

The canine also isn’t in a dog bed. It’s in a twin bed with its head on the pillow and body under the sheets like a human! Hopefully, playing pretend human didn’t go too much to the dog’s head.

Parrot Gymnastics


It looks like the owner of these birds was trying to get a group photo when one of the birds decided to play class clown. The colorful bird is leaned off the top of the cage, so its face is upside down and blurred in the photo!

Talk about a family picture fail. We also love how there’s a disco ball in the background as though the bird is busting a dance move in a disco nightclub.

Taking In The Day


This cat looks more like a human the way it’s sitting upright and leaning to one side to rest on an elbow. The chubby feline looks like someone taking a load off after a long day at work.

Only instead of being on the couch, it’s on a set of stairs outside, looking off into the distance. The cat even appears to have a small grin on its face as it takes in the day.

This Cat Is Serious About Its Research

This cat looks like it’s either about to pass a new level on its videogame or is on the brink of a major research breakthrough. Either way, it’s not something you’d expect to see a feline doing.

They usually only look this interested when they’re on the hunt. Even the cat’s paws are on the laptop keyboard as though it’s typing up something. Since its claws are out, we’d guess this feline is looking at a tiny animal on the computer screen and preparing to pounce.

The Skateboarding Hedgehog


This little hedgehog looks like it’s training to become the next Tony Hawk. The animal is positioned on all fours on top of a skateboard with one leg sticking out like it’s about to kick off.

The problem is that the tiny leg is much too short to actually touch the ground. Even so, the rodent is wearing a huge smile on its face like it’s having the time of its life. Its owner must be a skater.

This Great Dane Has Excellent Subway Manners


Great Danes are enormous dogs, so seeing one on a subway would be quite the sight. What makes this one’s subway trip all the more comical is the way it’s sitting!

The dog has its bottom in the seat just like the humans, but it’s way too big to balance upright. Instead, the canine is leaned forward to hold itself up on its front paws. It’s quite an adorable attempt at having good manners on the subway.

Just A Bear Reading The Newspaper


Being close to a bear can be very intimidating, even when it’s a cub like this one. But there’s something very reassuring about seeing that bear “reading” a newspaper like it isn’t a wild beast.

This little bear is probably just playing with the paper, but it looks like it’s genuinely reading the words! The animal is even using its foot to prop up the paper as though to get a closer look. Apparently, the key to safe camping is to have a newspaper on hand!