These Photos Show What Working From Home With Pets Is Like

Many pet owners appreciate the extra time they have with their pets while working from home. That being said, working in the same place you live isn’t always a walk in the park when you have pets (pun intended). If you thought staying focused was hard with all the distractions you have at home, just imagine having a living teddy bear by your side, begging for your attention. Whether it’s a cat climbing all over the laptop or a dog making their way into a video chat, these humorous photos show how adorably frustrating it can be having a pet as a coworker.

This Lap Is Reserved

This cat looks like it’s used to snuggling up on momma’s lap. The laptop is a nuisance, but that won’t stop this pet from performing her usual regimen. There’s just enough room on the keyboard for kitty to get comfy.


It must be a tough decision for the owner: work-filled screen or fluffy ball of love? And even if the cat owner does move her needy coworker to another spot, we’re confident it will just come crawling back to its beloved lap.