Pictures That Prove Librarians Are Sassier Than The Rest Of Us

The clich√© about librarians is that they’re all the shushing, nerdy, stuck up, and stuffy types. People typically don’t think of librarians and consider them comedic geniuses. Well, you’ll be surprised what being surrounded by books all day will do to a person!

Puns, quick wit, and sarcasm are the names of these librarians’ games, and they’re not afraid to pull out all the stops. From humorous signs to virtual theft, these librarians bring sass to a whole new level.


You know, just in case the librarian is off organizing a bookshelf or helping someone else, there is always the self-checkout for those pretentious enough to use it! But, who are we kidding, it’s no surprise that the librarian who made this glorious sign is stellar at wordplay.


They are surrounded by masters of language virtually every day, after all! Well, hopefully, people remember to actually check out their books and not just their next selfie facial expression.