Pit Bull About To Be Adopted Refuses To Leave Shelter Without Tiny Best Friend

As “man’s best friend,” dogs have an innate loyalty that ties them to those they love for as long as they live. Sometimes that loyalty isn’t shared with humans and instead shared with each other. When this energetic pit bull and an ailing chihuahua were brought to the shelter, they went in with nothing but each other. But when someone wanted to adopt the pit bull, her immediate reaction blew everyone away.

Abandoned With No One But Each Other

Merrill, a female pit bull mix, and Taco, a male chihuahua, were handed over to the Rocket Dog Rescue in October 2014. No one at the San Francisco-based rescue knew why Merrill and Taco’s owner gave them up, but they did notice something very particular about the unlikely pair.

Merrill and Taco were inseparable. which led the shelter to want to adopt them out together. But adopting them out as a pair proved to be harder than expected.