These Places Will Convince You Fairy Tales Still Exist

In our modern era of strip malls and mass marketing, sometimes it’s easy to wonder if the whole world has come to look more or less the same. Thankfully, this not actually the case, as there still linger a few places so beautiful that they look like landscapes right out of a fairy tale! Let your imagination wander through these ancient mountains and foggy castles, as we take a trip to some of the most gorgeous places on the planet.

Crystal Caves- Mexico

Crystal Caves of mexico
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Neuschwanstein Castle- Germany

Germany Neuschwanstein Castle
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Fjallabak Nature Reserve- Iceland

Iceland Beach
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Reykjavik’s Elf School-Iceland

Raykjavik, Iceland
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Unidentified Woodlands- Middle Europe

Brother's Grimm Style woods
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Glowworm Caves- New Zealand

Glow worm Caves
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Colmer, France

Fairy Tale French city
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Wisteria Tunnel- Japan

Japan's Wisteria Tunnels
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Sea of Stars- Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Sea of Stars
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Garden of the Gods- Colorado, USA

The Garden of the Gods
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Old Bagan, Burbma

Monestary, Burma
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Old Cemetery- London

London Cemetary
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Old Carousel in Rokoshko, Bosnia

Prokoshko, Bosnia
Marko Stamatovic via WesternMorningNews

Dark Hedges, Ireland

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St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

Russian Cathedral
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Batu Caves- Malaysia

Malaysian Caves
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