Playgrounds So Cool You’ll Wish You Were A Kid Again

Imagine exploring a world made from recycled tires or being able to frolic among giant fruit-shaped structures. While these worlds might seem as though they are conjured from the wild imaginations of children, these are real-life playgrounds that you can actually visit. Check out the most amazing playgrounds for you (and your kids) to enjoy around the world!

Nishi Rokugo Tire Park in Tokyo


Nishi Rokugo Tire Park in Japan is an eco-friendly environment lover’s dream. It is located between central Tokyo and the city of Kawasaki. This park is really interesting because it uses recycled rubber tires to construct a magical land for kids to explore. The park also contains traditional playground equipment including things like jungle gyms, slides, and swings. The park is said to have recycled more than 3,000 tires to create the imaginative space which includes bridges, tunnels, and other structures to climb. The creators even fashioned massive versions of a robot and Godzilla which kids can climb. And yes, of course there are tire swings!

MonstroCity In St. Louis


Another amazing playground that also is made from recycled items is MonstroCity in St. Louis, Missouri. There is even a four-story interactive sculpture that is intended for both children and adults. Some of the other features include tunnels that make it feel as though you are crawling through the sky, huge ball pits, and massive slides. This amazing playground is connected to the City Museum which has other fantastic play features including a human-sized hamster wheel and caves to explore. There’s something for kids and adults of all ages here!

Bicentennial Children’s Park In Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Chile is known for its amazing Andes and Chilean Coast Mountain Range. The Bicentennial Children’s Park has taken full advantage of the amazing views as it was built at the top of San Cristóbal Hill. The park and play area were built in order to commemorate 200 years of Chilean independence. The play area is built on a hill and the slides were constructed right into the slope. Other architectural designs, such as this climbing structure, are intended to mimic the beautiful landscape surrounding the area. There are also spherical fountains and plenty of seating for parents while they watch their kids play.

Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground In Singapore


Tiong Bahru Park in Singapore is sure to be a hit with the little ones, especially if you happen to have any big train lovers in the family. Tiong Bahru includes an interesting architectural piece which is a made to look like a train that has gone a little off the rails. Kids are able to play throughout the various compartments, using their imaginations to make the train come alive. The playground also includes a mini maze for kids to explore and get lost in, as well as a classic version of a merry-go-round which never goes out of style. Not to mention, the fantastic nostalgia factor that a merry-go-round brings up. You can also sit in the sand area, complete with rope ladders, slanting decks, and a secret escape hatch.

Water Playground In Tychy, Poland


Can you imagine anything cooler than this water playground located in Tychy, Poland? While this playground will literally keep you cool, it is also extremely cool looking. After the sun sets, the party continues. The fountains are lit with different colored LED lights, giving kids their very own version of a laser show spectacular. This playground’s builders also kept the environment in mind. It was designed in a figure eight shape which was also intended to avoid cutting down trees and to adhere to the existing landscape. In addition to brightly lit fountains for kiddos to frolic through, the park also includes various faucets and splash pools.

Sunbird Park In Vail, CO


As if the natural landscape in Vail, Colorado wasn’t beautiful enough, the creators of the Sunbird Park really upped the ante with their creation. The idea was helmed by architecture firm Tres Birds Workshop. The only stipulation given to the firm when creating their design was “design and implement a concept that would create an impression on Vail residents and visitors alike.” The park could pass as an art installation but is still amazingly imaginative and attractive for children to play in. The architecture firm was said to be inspired by birds and created several tree houses, the support beams were made to look like skis, which is a nod to Vail’s popular ski community. There are also more advanced features for older kids and adults like a climbing wall.

Diana’s Memorial Playground In London


Diana’s Memorial Playground, located in London, England is a tribute to the internationally beloved Princess of Wales. As Diana had a brief stint working as nursery school teacher before her tenure in the royal family, it is particularly fitting that she have a playground erected in her honor. Even more poignant is that Diana was dubbed “the people’s princess,” and this playground is certainly for the people. Additionally, the playground is Peter Pan-themed. What could be a better theme for the imagination of a child? The biggest standout piece in the playground is a wooden pirate ship, which kids can climb around. Additionally, there are mermaid fountains, tepee forts, and a sensory trail. There are also features that parents will adore including an alfresco café. This is definitely a playground fit for a princess!

Hakone Woods of Net In Hakone, Japan


“Hakone Woods of Net” is definitely one of the most visually striking playgrounds in the world, without a doubt. The playground was created by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, a Japanese-Canadian artist known for her colorful “textile playgrounds.” Playscapes blogger describes her work as “like something out of a Dr. Seuss book” and that “they are a unique way to experience an artwork…through play.” Toshiko is a textile artist, which means her work is actually massive crocheted structural pieces. The Hakone Woods of Net playground is located in Hakone, Japan, and the beautifully colored designs allow children to climb through, crawl in and swing through Toshiko’s magnificent creations. Toshiko’s artwork, and particularly the Hakone Woods, have gone viral – and it’s easy to see why!

Fruit And Scent Park In Stockholm


This interesting playground is called the Fruit and Scent Park and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The park is aptly named as it is entirely fruit-themed. The park was designed by artist Johan Ferner Ström, a Swedish sculptor known for an array of interesting designs. The park is located south of downtown and you can find many different fruits that have been molded into various playground equipment. There is a banana slide, pear huts, watermelon jungle gym, cherry swings, and an orange seesaw. If anything, this playground is sure to spawn your appetite for some delicious fresh fruit. It could even inspire your family to eat better!

Imagination Playground In New York City


The Imagination Playground is located in New York City. It was designed by architect David Rockwell, who favored imagination overall when it came to the design. David is also a father, so he knows just how important encouraging the use of imagination is for our small human counterparts. This playground is world renowned for its goal of having kids create their own fun and play structures. Instead of including the typical metal slide and swing set, the Imagination Playground has a number of objects on hand for children to create their own fun. Some of these objects include wheels, ropes, creates, building blocks, and also sand and water in the summertime. There is an assistant on hand to aid in the creation of various structures. Visitors have created everything from houses to spaceships with this inventive design.

Walholla Playgrounds


Walholla Playgrounds are located in several places around the world but they first gained fame in Purmerend, Netherlands. The playground was created by the Dutch engineering company Carve. They were originally commissioned by the Purmerend City Council to create a climbing play space for schoolchildren. However, the stipulation was that they still needed enough room for a large soccer field. The imaginative company got creative and the results were out-of-this-world. The result is this structure which includes multiple climbing platforms between a mesh overlay. The space is only four-foot wide but can hold up to sixty kids at once. The results were so popular they can now be found in the American cities of Washington, D.C. and Boston.

Harry Thomas Sr. Playground In Washington D.C.


Harry Thomas Sr. Playground is located in Washington D.C. It is named for was a Democratic politician who served the District of Columbia. The park created in his honor is an interesting combination of art, architecture, and mathematics all rolled into one. Although the structure is undeniably beautiful to look at, the play space was actually inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence. This is, in the simplest form, a series of numbers. The colors used are also meant to represent various aspects of nature. Another mathematical inspiration is present in the form of the Golden Ratio, in its geometric representation.

Clemyjontri Park In Mclean, Virginia


This colorful playscape is Clemyjontri Park in Mclean, Virginia. It was created back in 2006 and was designed for children of all abilities to be able to play. In fact, it was the first park in the United States that was made specifically for children who need to use wheelchairs, walkers, or braces. It also caters to those who have sensory or developmental disabilities. The park was intended to let all kids be able to play together regardless of their ability differences. The park is outfitted with Braille, ramps, and other modified equipment to make sure everyone gets their dose of fun!

Bellville Park In Paris


Paris is often thought of as a romantic getaway for couples, yet there are also some amazing things for children to do while they visit. Bellville Park is located in Paris and the entire design was made for kids to use the gift of imagination. The crowning feature is an “abstract” playhouse. The interesting design is abstract because it can literally morph before your eyes based on what angle you are looking at it from. Some people see a fort while others see a pirate ship. It is also built into an incline and there are climbing walls to enjoy as well. Not to mention that you can enjoy views of the iconic Eiffel Tower!

Kellogg Park In New Orleans


Kellogg Park sprung up in New Orleans, Louisiana in one of the rebuild projects after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. While that is already significant, the park is even more astounding because it is said to be one of the “most technologically advanced playgrounds in the United States”. It is a mini-playground and it is found in Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation housing development in the Lower Ninth Ward. What makes this playground so advanced is that it’s entirely solar-powered and also built with environmentally-friendly materials from local companies. The park aims for kids to have fun but also learn about the environment with every joyous step they take.

Hazza Bin Sayed Stadium Playground


In 2014, the architectural feat of Hazza Bin Sayed Stadium was created, complete with a groundbreaking playground. The stadium and playground are located in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. The stadium was created mainly for soccer events, however, they had to have something on hand for the kiddos to take part in. The playground is designed around the concept of “open play” or unstructured play. Many have said that this kind of play builds imagination and creativity when children are exposed to it. The play area was designed by New Jersey-based studio “Free Play” and it includes a moveable maze, and rope swings that play music, as well as other stunning sensory structures.

Morgan’s Wonderland In San Antonio


Morgan’s Wonderland is a sprawling theme park in San Antonio, Texas. It is the first theme park to be created for children of all abilities. The park was developed by former homebuilder Gordon Hartman who was inspired by his daughter, Morgan. Morgan lives with cognitive and physical challenges. The park also offers free admission for all those with special needs. The park was created with the idea of inclusion in mind and aims for all people to play together and gain a better understanding of one another. Rides have been designed so everyone can enjoy them, including those who use wheelchairs. Additionally, in 2017 the park opened up “Morgan’s Inspiration Island” which is an ultra-accessible splash park. Those of all abilities can enjoy some summertime fun here!

The Spider With Wooden Huts In Copenhagen


The Spider With Wooden Huts is a super interesting concept piece that is exhilarating for kids. Although it was created with older kids in mind, due to it being mainly climbing-based, it is still fascinating to look at for kids of all ages. The park is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and includes a massive spider. The spider was designed so that kids can literally climb all over it including inside and up the legs. There are complex climbing paths and also multiple tree houses. However, there is only one way up and that’s by the long ladders which is why this park is best for tweens and up.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds In Austria


Swarovski Crystal Worlds is indeed owned by the Austrian crystal company and is located at the company museum. While on a tour of the museum, which already includes a multitude of impressive displays, kids will probably best enjoy the stop at the playground which includes an array of awesome kid-friendly features. The playground is actually a four-story tower and includes creative takes on playground standards including a trampoline, a super tall climbing net, slides, and rope swings. The play area is also surrounding by floor-to-ceiling windows that really give the entire experience a super-modern feel, not to mention offer fantastic views of the alps!

Bounce Below In Wales, United Kingdom


Bounce Below is one of the most imaginative play spaces on the list! The park is located in Wales, UK, in an underground cave. The cave was previously a Victorian slate mine and has since been converted into an outrageous underground playground called Zip World. Bounce Below is a section of the playground that includes multiple giant trampolines, bouncy nets, and slides. There are multiple levels and the highest is 180 feet from floor. The park is also accessible for most ages and it offers various experiences based on age, the youngest being the age of three. The cave, trampolines, and netting are also lit with neon lighting which real gives the experience a magically fantasy feel.