No One Could Believe Why This Rescued Pregnant Pit Bull Was Overdue

Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire are experts when it comes to adopting and raising dogs. They thought knew the ins and outs of puppy care but when a pit bull they adopted wouldn’t give birth, even they were stumped. Even the shelter staff and veterinarians were completely dumbfounded.

Read about the shocking reason why Storie, a should-be pitbull mom, wouldn’t give birth and the incredible things that Chris and Mariesa did to save her life.

Chris And Mariesa Aren’t Your Regular “Dog People”

chris-mariesa and dog
Facts Verse / YouTube
Facts Verse / YouTube

Mariesa Caliguire loves dogs. Really, she LOVEs dogs, so much that she broke up with former boyfriends because her passion got in the way. But there is someone out there for everyone, and Mariesa’s perfect match happened to be Chris Hughes.

Ever since the couple adopted their first dog, Moses, they continued to share their home with canines. By 2013, they owned eight dogs. Although they didn’t know it at the time, they would foster several more.