Puppy Gets A Second Chance At Life At A Chimp Sanctuary

When you dedicate your life to rescuing animals in need, you can’t walk past a helpless animal without doing something about it. Such was the case for Jenny Desmond, who operates the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection facility in West Africa with her husband Jimmy. On the way back to the facility one day, Jenny saw a puppy on the road that looked like he was about ready to die. Though chimps were her specialty, Jenny knew she had to do something for this dog.

This Puppy Was In Poor Health

dying puppy is held by rescuer in liberian village

All over the world, there are animals that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Such was the case for a small puppy found in a remote village in Liberia. This little guy was sitting by the side of the road, where it looked as if he was left to die.

None of the villagers seemed to care for the desperate pup, yet they seemed to take issue with it when one woman wanted to pick him up.