Couple Learns That The Puppy They Brought Home Is Something They Weren’t Expecting

There are numerous ways a puppy can bring joy into your life. They are playful, loving, and come with tons of surprises. A young couple from England looking to adopt a new puppy was faced with a considerable surprise. The husband was ready, but he asked that it only be a small and manageable dog. The search for the doggo began, but the couple ended up bringing home something they weren’t prepared for. If you’re planning on adopting, take notes!

The Search Begins

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Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images
Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Robert and Sue Markham of England had the urge to adopt a puppy, (don’t we all?) but Robert didn’t want to get one that was too big and hard to manage.

But the couple had their minds made up and they were determined to get a pooch. While Robert was at work every day, Sue would go searching for the perfect dog to bring home. How do you think her journey turned out in this puppy search?