QUIZ: Which U.S. City Is The Best?

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There are 19,522 cities in the United States, each with their own specialties and characteristics which make them attractive to residents. Do you think that you know the best city for cyclists? How about families, or single moms? Can you select the city that’s been named the most romantic? There’s a top city for everyone out there, from teachers to people ready to retire. These cities have been ranked by economic, social, and environmental studies with the stats to back it up. Test your knowledge and learn what makes these U.S. cities special. You’ll never guess which city has the best drinking water in the country!

Which city is the most dog-friendly in the United States?

Which American city is ranked as the most affordable?

Amazon named this city the most romantic in the United States.

Which U.S. City has the most college students?

Which city was named the best place to retire in 2018?

Which of these cities is located in the state with four times the number of cattle than people?

Which of these cities has the cleanest tap water in America?

Which is the richest city in America, based on per capita income?

According to WalletHub, which city is the most educated?

Which city was ranked the healthiest city in America by Business Insider?

Time Money named this city the best place to raise a family.

Business Insider ranked this city as the best in terms of healthcare.

Which city was named the best city for first-time homebuyers by Smartasset?

This city has named the best city for single moms by WalletHub.

For teachers, which is the best U.S. city to live in?

Cyclists would love to live in this top-ranked city for most bikable.

According to WalletHub, which is the best city to live in for single adults looking for a partner?

Which city pays their law enforcement the highest salary?

Which city is home to the best airport?

According to Quotewizard, which city has the best drivers?

Which city was the first to completely ban plastic bags?

This city was top-ranked for boat owners.

Which city has the most golf courses per capita?

According to Conde Nast Traveler’s readers, this is the best U.S. city for burgers.

Which city has the best weather in the country, according to U.S. News?

National Geographic and Gallup teamed up to find the happiest city in the U.S. Which city won?

Which city has the highest employment rate?

According to Parade magazine, this city is the best for sports fans.

Urban farmers love this U.S. city, which has the most gardens and greenhouses per capita.

According to Indeed, this is the best city to live if you’re looking for a job.

Which city is one of the safest in America?

Which U.S. city gets the most snowfall?

This city is (arguably) the best for foodies.

According to Fitt, this is the best U.S. city for runners.

People who live in the U.S. city have the highest life expectancy rate.

Night owls should consider moving here, ranked highest for nightlife.

This city is the top-rated military town in America.

This city has the lowest divorce rate in the United States.

If you play Powerball, you may want to move to this city, which has the most jackpot winners in its state.

If you’re worried about natural disasters, this is the safest city you can live in.

Medscape rated this the number one city for doctors looking to practice medicine.