Real Life Cinderella Stories

Most of us grow up watching movies like Cinderella, dreaming that someday, someone will knock us off our feet and rescue us from real life, riding off into the sunset on a white horse. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of kids who grow up hoping to become royalty, that dream never comes true. But there are people who are living out Cinderella stories in real life. Hey, we might not all grow up to become a princess, but with stories like these, we can dream.

Kate Middleton’s Love Story With Prince William

One of the most popular modern-day Cinderella stories is Kate Middleton, who was a “normal” girl from the U.K. when she met Prince William in college. They dated and fell in love just like any other couple…except for the part where millions of people tuned in to watch their wedding from the comfort of their own homes.

Now, Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge and living out every girl’s dream. These days, she’s expecting her third child with Will and generally looking absolutely flawless everywhere she goes, always showing off her impeccable royal style.